Where to buy our products

The Loc Maria Biscuits Group distributes its products through various networks in France and abroad, to the delight biscuit lovers everywhere!

Our distribution networks in France

Our products are available from numerous sales outlets:

  • Supermarkets and hypermarkets
  • Gourmet food stores
  • Cafés/Hotels/Restaurants
  • Shops specialised in regional products
  • In our proprietary shops


Our shops

  • Route de Dinard
    22100 DINAN
    Contact : boutique@locmaria.fr

  • Boutique Traou Mad à l’usine ZA de Kergazuel
    29930 Pont-Aven
    Contact : boutiqueusine@traoumad.com

    Boutique Traou Mad du Port
    28 rue du Port
    29930 Pont-Aven

    Boutique Traou Mad du Pont
    10 place Gauguin
    29930 Pont-Aven

  • 45 chemin des journaux
    25000 BESANCON
    Contact : boutique25@locmaria.fr

Our international presence

Our brands are present in more than 60 countries around the world meaning that biscuit lovers everywhere can enjoy our products. Our export service establishes partnerships to develop our brands and highlight our expertise while ensuring the adaptation of our products to the laws and requirements of the local markets.