Our Brands

Every brand in our group has a long history in traditional biscuit-making. Ensuring authentic, high-quality products is at the heart of everything we do.

Gavottes: the legendary crispy Breton crêpe

Delight in a bite of this delicately crispy biscuit ! Since 1920, Gavottes® crêpes dentelles have maintained their airy crunchiness. From the crêpe forgotten on the stove by Marie-Catherine Cornic to today's counterpart, the sensation remains the same. The biscuit shatters in the mouth thanks to our famous and unique rolling method, which remains a closely guarded secret. It's this little touch of mystery that gives our Gavottes® that extra-special quality! !

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the secret of good things

It was at the biscuit factory in Pont-Aven, a small town loved and made famous by painters such as Paul Gauguin, that the first thick, buttery palet biscuit known as the Traou Mad® (meaning "good things" in Breton) was created. Taking its name from this creation, the factory went on to produce the equally famous but thinner Pont-Aven® Galette. Combining tradition and authenticity, the Traou Mad brand has maintained its age-old techniques since 1920. The key manufacturing steps are still carried out by hand and the ingredients are rigorously selected.

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Our expertise at the heart of your brands

We also use our expertise to produce quality biscuits for your brands, developing recipes and innovations tailored to your specifications.